Q. Are pets allowed?

A. At this time we are not allowing pets on the property.


Q. Why don’t I have a phone in my room?

A. While we always prefer a face to face conversation with our guests,
sometimes a text works best. Feel free to text us anytime, throughout your
stay with us. Questions, requests, housekeeping, all at your fingertips. If
you don’t text, then we wont bother you.


Q. Can I cancel my reservation?


Q. When are you going to charge my card for my reservation?

A. Reservations require an accepted credit card (Visa, AmEx, MasterCard,
Discover) at the time of booking. This card will be charged with your first
night’s stay at the time of booking, the rest of your stay will be authorized to
your card at check-in and charged upon check out. Your card will also be
authorized at check-in for incidentals at the rate of $100.00 per day. (If you
select a prepaid rate, your card will be charged the full amount of your stay
when you make your reservation.) All other charges made to your room
during your stay – including room service, restaurant, bar charges, etc. –
will also be charged to this card as the expenses are incurred, and all
outstanding charges will be charged to your card upon check-out. You may
change the card on file with us at any time by visiting the front desk or
calling us at 845-626-7350


Q. Can I smoke or Vape in the room?

A. No, and if you do, we’ll add a $250 cleaning fee onto your room total.


Q. Do you have free wi-fi?

A. Yes, and its fast

Q. Do you have room service?

A. Not yet. But we can provide items for a picnic, grilling or smores.

around the hotel

Q. Is the Pool for hotel guests only?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I host a meeting or event at Starlite?

A. Yes. Email:

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